Abortion’s impact on women and the family
woman pensive
A report on research dealing with the psychological and relational effects of abortion on women was conducted by the Institute of Marriage and Family Canada. The paper titled Interconnected: How abortion impacts mothers, families and our society outlines the harm caused by abortion:
The impacts of abortion include (but are not limited to):
⦁ 42{a886d2509afb02fdbd678c9c9cbef29e9b4ac8f1454580a0bf53ee67e764b753} of post-abortive women reported major depression by age 25
⦁ 39{a886d2509afb02fdbd678c9c9cbef29e9b4ac8f1454580a0bf53ee67e764b753} of post-abortive women suffered anxiety disorders
⦁ 27{a886d2509afb02fdbd678c9c9cbef29e9b4ac8f1454580a0bf53ee67e764b753} of post-abortive women experienced suicide ideation
⦁ A meta-analysis published in the prestigious British Journal of Psychiatry showed an overall 81{a886d2509afb02fdbd678c9c9cbef29e9b4ac8f1454580a0bf53ee67e764b753} greater risk of mental health problems for post-abortive women
⦁ Women having abortions are 37{a886d2509afb02fdbd678c9c9cbef29e9b4ac8f1454580a0bf53ee67e764b753} more likely to divorce and twice as likely to never marry
⦁ 34{a886d2509afb02fdbd678c9c9cbef29e9b4ac8f1454580a0bf53ee67e764b753} of women reported a decrease in sexual desire post-abortion
⦁ Women who aborted had more positive attitudes toward risky sexual behavior including sex with strangers and being forced to have sex
⦁ Men whose partners aborted had more positive attitudes toward group sex, sex with strangers and paying for sex.
The Institute for Marriage and Family says: “It is not helpful to overstate the negative ramifications of abortion. However, by far the biggest concern Canadians face today is the problem of pretending there are none.”
The adverse effects of abortion on women are not limited to the woman alone but harm society as well. The full report can be accessed at www.imfcanada.org/interconnected.