A new initiative in Ireland called Women Hurt was formed to help women who regret their abortions. The group consists of women who have had abortions and have been adversely affected by them. Their purpose is to help women who are suffering after an abortion and encourage them to seek help and healing.
The website presents the testimonies of Irish women’s abortion experiences.
The group has launched an impressive billboard campaign recently to reach out to women who find themselves in similar situations.
The group has come under attack from the National Women’s Council of Ireland whose director has described the billboard campaign as “harsh” and “cruel” in a Sunday newspaper report.
In a press release, Women Hurt responds by saying that the “National Women’s Council of Ireland is trying to silence women who regret their abortions from speaking out.”
“Women Hurt spokesperson Bernadette Goulding said; It is a reality that many women end up regretting abortion. For too long our voices have been ignored and suppressed. Women Hurt is not saying all women who have an abortion regret it but a sizeable number do and they are entitled to hear the message that they are not alone and that help, hope and healing is possible. The claims made by the National Women’s Council that our campaign is “cruel” and “harsh” is ridiculous. I can only conclude that some in the leadership of the National Women’s Council are either in denial about the devastating after-effects of abortion for some women or they have a deep seated ideological aversion to hearing an alternative viewpoint.”
The new Women Hurt initiative can be seen at:  www.womenhurt.ie
Attempts to suppress information about the negative impact of abortion and the reality of abortion has long been a factor surrounding the issue.
For more information about the negative effects of abortion on women’s mental health, read the Action Life article about the study by David Fergusson and colleagues on our website.