Abortion kills a human being

Certain animal species receive protection under the law in Canada.  Yet at the same time, there exists a complete absence of protection for the unborn child.  Animals are treated with more regard than the baby awaiting birth.

Is the child in the womb a human being?

Yes, science proves beyond a doubt that the unborn child is human.  The unborn is the offspring of a human mother and father and is a living human being distinct from his parents.  The child in the womb has his/her own DNA, a unique genetic finger print.  Scientific knowledge about the life of the unborn baby has revealed to us that this child eats, sleeps, moves, feels pain, can suck his or her thumb and yawns.  His little heart starts beating 22 days after conception.  Yet, this innocent child is callously treated as a non-human and a non-person.

In Canada, the baby in the womb is not even recognized as a human being in law.

Section 223 of the Criminal code states that a child becomes a human being after birth when it has fully emerged in a living state from the womb of its mother.  Only then, will this child receive legal protection.

What are the differences between the unforn child and born human beings?


Yes, the child in the womb is smaller than a newborn child or an adult but since when is size a factor in determining a person’s right to life?


Yes, the child in the womb is less developed than a newborn.  A newborn child is also less developed than a three year old toddler.  The newborn child is no less human than the toddler in spite of differences in their level of development.  If we use the development criteria to determine who is deserving of protection, then should the newborn child be denied his right to life because he is less developed than the toddler?  May we kill a newborn baby because he is less developed than others?  The unborn child is also less developed at certain stages but this is irrelevant.  The toddler, the newborn baby and the child in the womb are all human beings.


Where you are does not change who you are.  Location does not alter the value or the nature of a human being.  If the unborn child is not human, then a short journey down the birth canal will not make him/her a human being.


If viability and independence become the criteria, then is a diabetic who is dependent on insulin less valuable than a person who is not?  The newborn child is totally dependent on others for his care as is the child in the womb who is totally dependent on his/her mother for survival.

Finally, our location, level of development, dependency and size do not make us lesser humans or non-humans nor are they requirements to determine our right to life.

Since 1969, more than 4 million unborn children have been aborted in Canada.  The 1988 Supreme Court decision striking down the 1969 law has left Canada without a law on abortion.

In the absence of any legal restrictions, abortion is allowed during all nine months of pregnancy.  Consider that abortion is the only circumstance in which it is permitted for an individual to end the life of an innocent human being.

Do you care about the unborn child?  We cannot remain indifferent to this injustice and the loss of so many lives.  Each and everyone of us can in some way be a voice for the unborn.  We are a people of life and for life!

We love them both mother and child.