To Save Both Lives

It is commonly thought that the pro-life stance involves a focus in saving the life of the vulnerable child in the womb at all costs, even to the detriment of the mother. But the

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The Abortion Pill Procedure and Abortion Pill Reversal

We offer these highlights of an interview with Jakki Jeffs of Alliance for Life Ontario (AFLO) and The Interim, Canada's national pro-life newspaper regarding AFLO's website,   What made you start this project?

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Paul Ehrlich, overpopulation doomsayer

Economics professor Peter Jacobsen writes about the wrongness of many of Paul Ehrlich's predictions  in this article found at Paul Ehrlich is the author of the 1968 book, The Population Bomb. Professor Jacobsen

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It's time for the facts to be known... Myth: Abortion is basically a private matter. Fact: Not really. Abortion involves more than a woman and her doctor. Even more directly and intimately involved is a

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- that, in the absence of Canadian Law, abortion is permitted during all nine months of pregnancy. This includes surgical and suction dilation and curettage, saline, prostaglandin and ‘other' methods. - that 25.6{a886d2509afb02fdbd678c9c9cbef29e9b4ac8f1454580a0bf53ee67e764b753} of

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