Having a well developed medical system does.Danger Sign

Abortion groups set their sights on pushing medical abortions in developing countries that are unable to implement safeguards and cannot track complications. Beverly Winikoff of Gynuity, a top promoter of chemical abortions, rejects safeguards, even opposing adding antibiotics to the abortion regimen because it “raise[s] the cost of the procedure, making it unaffordable in developing countries.”

Legal abortion does not save lives. First of all, it always takes the life of the unborn.
Secondly, in countries where the medical system is inadequate, abortion can be deadly for the woman due to the inability to access healthcare.
In countries with adequate health systems, such as Ireland and Chile, illegal abortion does not lead to widespread maternal mortality.
The argument that legalizing abortion saves women is a false one. It was untrue when it was legalized in Canada, and it is untrue today for women around the world. Women need good healthcare, not abortion.
Today, feminists will often argue that childbirth is unsafe, thereby justifying the need for abortion.
In fact, childbirth is very safe. There are about 500 maternal deaths in Canada, many from unforeseeable or unpreventable causes. In Canada, the lifetime odds of dying through childbirth are approximately 1 in 5200. Compare the lifetime odds of dying in a motor vehicle accident, which are about 1 in 100.
Abortion has never been about women’s health. It’s only packaged that way to make it more marketable.