Pro-abortion Planned Parenthood Toronto received $11,448,591 from governments

by Patricia Maloney 

From : Run with Life blog February 1, 2020

Remember how the pro-abortion had their knickers in a twist about pro-life groups receiving $1.8 million from the Canada Summer Jobs Program? Well Planned Parenthood Toronto received over $11 million from governments. ($11,448,591 to be exact). That’s one organization compared to 56 organizations.

Can you say ‘Discrimination much’?

And look at what compensations are like for Planned Parenthood Toronto. Almost $3 million in one year. With the top employee earning between $120,000 to $159,999. Compare that to say, the top gun at Toronto Right to Life who makes $39,999. And receives no government funding.

What more can I say?

PLANNED PARENTHOOD OF TORONTO Reporting period ending: 2019-03-31

RIGHT TO LIFE ASSOCIATION OF TORONTO AND AREA Reporting period ending: 2019-03-31

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From Action Life: Action Life does not receive or apply for government funding at any level including the Canada Summer Jobs Program. Other pro-life groups have made use of the Canada Summer Jobs Program Grants in the past but are now denied funding because of a change in federal government policy introduced in 2017.