National Campus Life Network has produced these videos to inform others about the discrimination and harassment faced by pro-life students on university campuses. It seems that at some universities, only one point of view is allowed and that is the one which supports abortion. Forget about debates, discussions or an civil exchange of information. It is the pro-abortion viewpoint which must prevail. Pro-life voices must be silenced. So much for universities being about learning, debating and ideas!



In releasing the videos, National Campus Life Network remarked:
“It is no secret to most people that freedom of expression is a dying freedom in this country. As many of you know this is a tidal wave that our staff and students have been pushing back against for many, many years. From the classroom to student life, Canadian students are being pushed to adopt belief systems they don’t agree with through intimidation, harassment and administrative censorship.”
The students persevere in spite of the hardships they have endured.