Adrian Dix, Minister of Health for the province of British Columbia is demanding that the Irene Thomas Hospice permit euthanasia (MAID) on site or he suggests it might incur a loss of government funding. This particular hospice is operated by the Delta Hospice Society. It was given a deadline of February 3rd to change its policy. The Hospice Society says that euthanasia is not compatible with its purpose and values.

Dr. Leonie Herx, President of the Canadian Society of Palliative Care Physicians wrote a letter to the Minister of Health expressing concerns that some hospices under Fraser Health “might be mandated to provide Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID)” on their premises.  Such a requirement  “poses risk for potential harm” she writes.

“One of the biggest potential harms is to those who do not choose MAID (more than 98% of those who die as only about 1.5% choose Maid). Both the public and many health care providers have had a longstanding fear of Hospice Palliative Care because they were afraid it hastened peoples’ deaths. This has lead to late referrals and people choosing to not be referred to palliative care services that could have benefited them. For over 40 years we have ben trying to educate the public and health care professionals that Hospice Palliative Care neither hastens nor prolongs the natural process of dying.”

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Action Life believes that no hospice or palliative care centre should be forced to provide euthanasia (MAID) on its premises. Many Canadians want end of life care in euthanasia free zones.