Canadian Physicians for Life has issued a statement in response to the vote of delegates at the recent CMA annual general council meeting in support of maintaining section 223 of the Criminal Code of Canada which says that a child becomes a human being at birth “when it has completely proceeded in a living state from the body of its mother…”
They say:
“Canadian Medical Association delegates worry about children not exercising enough or not wearing bicycle helmets, while over one hundred thousand children go missing from our playgrounds every year because they were killed by abortion.  The mismatch between this problem and the recent conversation from the CMA annual general meeting defies parody.
Every Canadian doctor knows that the unborn child is a live human being.  Doctors know that the killing of the child by abortion is a moral and political problem, not a medical response to a 400 year old legal rule of thumb.  It is our profession’s biggest shame and biggest headache.  It is a disastrous public policy which does far more harm than good.”