GUELPH, Ontario, October 11, 2012, ( – In what one pro-life leader is calling a case of blatant bias, the Advertising Standards Council of Canada (ASC) has censured a pro-life TV commercial for allegedly being “misleading” and “demean[ing] and denigrat[ing to] women”. The ASC Council will penalize the Ontario pro-life organization behind the commercial for refusing to “permanently withdraw or appropriately amend” it.

“It’s unbelievable,” said Jakki Jeffs, executive director of Alliance For Life Ontario, to LifeSiteNews. “The ASC is effectively saying that we’ve no right to this position and that we’ve no right to our message being on television. They’re just trying to shut our message down.” … (Source)

It’s a very troubling thing indeed for an organ of the Press to start suppressing an advertisement about an issue which is vitally important to Canadians.  By taking this heavy-handed approach, the ASC might be perceived by many people as an ideological organization which is not objective in its assessment.