Why aren’t women being told that an induced abortion increases their risk of breast cancer? The Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer, an international Women’s organization  published educational materials on the topic.  The Coalition reports in their 2006 brochure Why aren’t women being told?: the most preventable cause of breast cancer that:

  • “This situation is akin to the early studies that indicated that cigarette smoking was linked to heart disease and lung cancer in the 1950’s and 1960’s, but that those medical establishments initially denied…We are at a similar crossroads for women and induced abortion today…”  Elizabeth Shadigian, MD, University of Michigan, testified that experts have sufficient evidence  to identify breast cancer as  a long-term health consequence of abortion. South Dakota Task Force to Study Abortion, 9/21/05.
  • “The unwillingness of scientists to speak out against the shoddy research that is being advanced by those who deny the abortion-breast cancer link is a very serious breach…When the public learns that a causal link between abortion and breast cancer has been downplayed by the scientific community – for reasons that are ideological rather than factual – the feelings of betrayal will be strong.” Furton E., Ethics & Medicas 2004;29;1-2.