by Patricia Maloney

(This was first published July 24 at the Interim)

The pro-abortion groups who actively worked to ban pro-life groups from receiving the Canada Summer Jobs Program–strongly benefited from that same Canada Summer Jobs Program. And they benefited from lots of other government funding as well.

Last year Joyce Arthur reported that pro-life groups had received $1.8 in funding for the Canada Summer jobs program over eight years. That’s a pittance really, especially since it was over eight years.

Arthur and company then lobbied to stop this funding. This resulted in the Liberals’ attestation clause, which meant anyone applying for the grant money would now have to support abortion. Part of Arthur’s campaign, was a letter written and signed by 91 “reproductive choice” groups.

Here’s what Arthur said about this funding to pro-life groups:
“The real scandal is not the new Canada Summer Jobs attestation requirement, but the fact that anti-choice groups have been raking in all this taxpayer cash for years.”

So how much money did these pro-abortion signatories “rake in” since Justin Trudeau came to power in 2016? Over 152 million ($152,471,526 to be exact).

That’s our 1.8 million, compared to their $152.5 million.

I say at least, because the two databases I searched are not up-to-date. The grants and contributions database is currently being updated for 2019 grants. There are also grants and contributions not in the database at all. The other database is CRA’s charities database. I only extracted two years of this CRA data, since tax returns are always reported well after the fact, and I only extracted records since Justin Trudeau came to power in 2016. And these numbers do not even include the funding for the actual abortions. That’s millions and millions of dollars more.

It seems Justin Trudeau’s abortion funding knows no bounds.

(There are other organizations who also support abortion and who also receive federal, provincial and municipal funding. That will be a project for a later date. This analysis only covers the signatories of this Open Letter.)

You will see that most of these organizations do benefit from the Canada Summer Jobs Program. Along with other federal funding, provincial funding, and municipal funding.

Pushing abortion is a very lucrative business. The money just pours out of our pockets into the pockets of the pro-abortions.


Pro-life groups receive no other federal funds, except for the Summer Jobs grants. And now we can’t even receive that.

We are not “well funded” but the pro-abortion groups are. Pro-life groups fund themselves in the work they do, to save lives. Pro-abortion groups are funded by the taxpayer in the work they do, to take lives. That Joyce Arthur is the real scandal.

UPDATE July 29: Clarification on the government funding totals. The groups who signed the letter who opposed funding to pro-life groups, received a total of $152,471,526 in government funding. This number includes funding from the Canada Summer Jobs Program, as well as other federal government funding, as well as provincial and municipal government funding. 


Reprinted with permission of Pat Maloney

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