At least, 30 million tax dollars pay for abortion in Ontario.
ON DEMAND    The cost of abortion has been estimated at 30 to 50 million dollars a year for the province of Ontario.
In 2010, 44,091 abortions (43,997 surgical abortions + 94 chemical abortions) were performed in Ontario according to data obtained from the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care through a Freedom of Information request submitted by Patricia Maloney at Run with Life blog.   If one uses the low estimate of $800.00 per abortion, the cost would be close to 36 million dollars for the year 2010.
Abortions are publicly funded in the province whether performed in hospitals or private abortion clinics.
There is much talk of scare health care dollars, of patients waiting for medically necessary procedures, yet when it comes to abortion which we are told is a woman’s choice, the taxpayer must fund this “choice”.
Indeed , the common refrain of abortion advocates, “My body, My choice” doesn’t speak of medical necessity.
On October 31, 2001, Marilyn Wilson, the then Executive Director of the Canadian Abortion Rights Action League, told the House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance:
“Women who make the decision to abort a child at a certain point in their lives do so for socio-economic reasons. Sometimes, it is a desire to complete their education and become financially independent. In  many cases, couples with children wish to restrict their family size in order to provide adequate financial support.”
Health care dollars are used to fund abortions for socio-economic reasons while others wait for much needed medical services.