Sadly, today, while society speaks of inclusion on the one hand, unborn children with Down Syndrome are being eliminated through abortion at an astonishing rate. 80 to 90% of pregnancies where the child is diagnosed with Down Syndrome end in abortion. These abortions constitute a form of eugenics rejecting the child because of his genetic makeup. The information presented to parents about Down syndrome is often negative. In an Ottawa Citizen March 2nd 2008 article, Krista Flint, executive director of the Down Syndrome Society said:
” We would like to see information given to women in a fair and balanced and value neutral way. We don’t think that’s the case currently – we know that’s not the case. Families involved with (the society) tell us regularly that that hasn’t been their experience. The central message they receive is ‘Don’t have this baby, it could ruin your life.”
Some parents have reported pressure and an assumption from medical professionals that abortion will follow the diagnosis. In the same series of articles in this March 2008 feature, the experience of one couple is reported:
“His parents faced pressure and silent disapproval from doctors when they stated their choice again and again, to have the baby.”
Many parents of children with Down Syndrome will tell you that their children are a blessing not a burden, that their children have brought much joy end enriched their lives.
SDD_MainSharing image from the Lejeune Foundation USA .