This spring in mid-June, the staff at Action Life attended an Alliance for Life Ontario conference in Hamilton, Ontario. There was a solid line up of guest speakers, including keynote speaker Dr. William Lyle as well as Jakki Jeffs, Alex Schadenberg, and Theresa Hartnett. Dr. Lile spoke with great conviction about the current and tragic craze that is the abortion pill, elaborating on how it takes an unborn child’s life and how the abortion pill can reverse it.

In Dr. Lile’s lecture, the repeated dictum was “a patient is a person no matter how small”. Dr. Lile showed the audience members how he cares for the unborn, even helping an unborn child undergo surgery and ensuring he or she is properly given his or her own anesthesia. This proved the key point that a baby in the womb also has important needs. Just as his or her mother needs an anesthesiologist in a surgery, so too does the unborn child.

The abortion pill industry does not have the same motto. It takes away life rather than affirm its dignity. According to Dr. Lile, chemical abortion currently accounts for 54% of all abortions in the USA. The first substance used in a chemical abortion is Mifepristone, taken in pill form. Dr. Lile explained that it works by blocking progesterone, what Dr. Lyle called the conductor of pregnancy or in technical terms, the progestational steroid hormone of pregnancy. The abortion pill blocks where progesterone “would normally be absorbed”, as the American Pregnancy Association phrases it. The woman’s body would thus cease to prepare for the new arrival of the child.

The second pill in a chemical abortion is Misoprostol. Dr. Lile informed those attending the conference that with the dose of 400-800 MCG, the medication will cause violent contractions that will expel the child in the womb. Misoprostol is often used to induce labor but in this case it is used to induce abortion.

The deadly combination of the two pills is very effective in causing abortion. It would seem that at such a point not much can be done, the mother having taken into her hands an irreversible fate for her child. But Dr. Lile went on to explain how there is a healthy live-saving alternative he called “abortion pill reversal” that involves giving the mother progesterone again. The reversal pill, which uses soybeans and yams to form the compound for the progesterone in the pill, can work to reverse the process in the first 72 hour window after the woman takes mifepristone. On the American Pregnancy Association website, it writes that, “Mifepristone blocks where progesterone would normally be absorbed, so an influx of progesterone can outcompete for the available binding spaces.” Perhaps one can conclude that if progesterone is essential in pregnancy, so also is it essential to reversing the action of mifepristone.

Spreading the message of the horrors that too often occurs for a woman is crucial to bringing awareness of the alternative to such a lethal pill. The horrible truth, however, is that chemical abortion may not only be lethal to the unborn child, but also the mother. Dr. Lile said that the number one cause of death in the first trimester is ectopic pregnancy with this pill. The most frightening part is that the symptoms of ectopic pregnancies are the same as those of the abortion pill. It is extremely dangerous to not know the difference.


A woman named Elizabeth expressed the agony of her chemical abortion:

“I could feel a stabbing pain in my stomach, and I started bleeding really heavily. I bled so much that I actually got really afraid that I could die. It was probably the most intense pain I’ve ever felt.”

Even influencers in the pro-choice movement have spoken out against this abortion method. Renata Klein, Pro-Choice Feminist, said the following:

“The adverse effects of the two drugs were unpredictable and dangerous and the research undertaken inadequate. 

We concluded that the RU 486/PG abortion had the making of a new wave of DIY backyard abortions which burdened women…We predicated deaths and also wondered why pro-choice activists could not see that this abortion method only benefited pharmaceutical companies and doctors.”

Thankfully, a hotline exists where women can call to get the help they need to get an Abortion Pill Reversal. It may cost a small sum to do this reversal ($140 CAN), but perhaps that’s where fundraisers come in, which Dr. Lile suggested. May awareness about the dangers of the abortion pill as well as the hope offered for the mother and baby through Abortion Pill Reversal, continue to spread. There are yet more lives to be saved.


Photo Used with Permission


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