October 4th 2017 – “We are excited to launch the Petition of One Million 2019 and invite all Canadians of good will to join us in this tremendous project”, stated Jakki Jeffs, executive director of Alliance for Life Ontario.
We are grateful for the Canadians who had the insight in 1973 to run the original petition of one million which gathered 1,027,425 signatures inviting Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau and his 1975 government to protect the lives of Canadian children before birth. Sadly, the Prime Minister and the Canadian Parliament did not heed the call of those Canadians.
Now again, in 2017, we are calling on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Parliament to right this injustice and protect the life of every Canadian from his/her biological beginnings. There is no barrier to updating our Criminal Code regarding the definition of human being. In fact, our Government has been updating or striking down what has been termed “zombie laws” and Section 223(1) and (2) of the Criminal Code is certainly an antiquated legal fiction.
The evidence is settled, overwhelming, and long established regarding when a human life has its biological beginnings, and we call on government to apply its “evidence based policy” to the Criminal Code. Canadian children in the womb seek justice from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Every year approximately 475,000 children are conceived in Canada and not one of their lives is protected, in fact they are invisible to the law, so much so that 100,000 are killed by abortion annually.
We are urging all Canadians of good will to sign the petition, which can be found in both official languages at petitionofonemillion.ca. We have two years to gather signatures and we hope that with every signature, we may reclaim respect and dignity for every child in the womb and especially for the almost 4 million little lives lost through induced abortion between 1969 and 2015 in Canada.


The Petition of One Million is an alliance of like-minded individuals of all ages, abilities and backgrounds, businesses, organizations, churches, national, provincial and local groups, schools and pro-life groups who believe that everyone’s right to life should be legally protected from their biological beginnings as human beings. For more information, visit http://petitionofonemillion.ca
Media Contacts
Mrs. Jakki Jeffs, Executive Director, Alliance for Life Ontario 866.588.2684
Download the release here: Petition of One Million Press Release October 2017