To Save Both Lives

It is commonly thought that the pro-life stance involves a focus in saving the life of the vulnerable child in the womb at all costs, even to the detriment of the mother. But the

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A Special Kind of Love

By Martha Jones*  Consider for a moment the following situation.  A 28 year old woman finds out she is expecting her third child.  She is single and the mother of a 10 year old

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Adoption: An Act of Love

What Is Adoption?  Adoption is the legal means by which the child of one set of parents permanently becomes the child of another set of parents. Provision for adoption appears to have been made

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Pregnant? Need help?

If you're pregnant and need help with options, Action Life can recommend some crisis pregnancy centres. These organizations can help you by providing free pregnancy tests, someone to talk to, and other support.  Helpline

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