A child by any other name is still a child. You can change the words but not the reality.
When a pregnant woman is carrying a “wanted child”, it is called a baby.
When the topic of abortion arises, the unborn child is referred to as  a fetus or product of conception as if he or she was somehow less of a human being. The word fetus which comes from the Latin means offspring or young one.
It indicates a stage of development in the life of a human being.
A television advertisement which aired in one of Action Life’s past  advertisement campaigns showed a woman saying:
I used to be pro-choice but then I had a baby of my own.
She asks: Why is it a baby when you want it and something else when you don’t?
This advertisement brings to mind a card  containing an ultrasound photo  of an unborn child handed out to to a happy mother by a hospital or ultrasound clinic  where the inscription on the cover read :”Sshh, baby sleeping.”
Sadly, in some hospitals and clinics in this country, another unborn child perhaps the same age as the one in the ultrasound photo becomes a product of conception when he or she is marked for abortion.