In a January debate between Stephanie Gray, a pro-life activist with CCBR (Canadian Centre for Bioethical Reform) and Dr. Fraser Fellows, an obstetrician/gynaecologist (from London, ON), Dr. Fellows gave shocking and frank responses to questions posed to him about performing abortions.
He said he “is not proud to carry out abortions. Nobody likes to see it, but it’s a necessary service… It’s about the woman… No doubt women have sadness at having an abortion… Abortion is the lesser of two evils.”
He acknowledged that the information brought forward by Stephanie Gray was true: that at the moment of fertilization a living, unique human being comes into existence; that the terms ‘fetus’ and ‘embryo’ are simply used to describe age; that since 1988 Canada has had no laws regarding abortion; that women who undergo abortion cite poverty, career, no support, age, health of baby, ‘unwantedness’, and very rarely, rape, as reasons for their decision. Ms. Gray pointed out that these circumstances are not altered by abortion.
During this debate held at Brock University, Dr. Fellows said that he does late term abortions, and that although he will not do ‘sex-selective’ abortions, he does agree to abort babies who have Down syndrome. In fact, his response to abortion because of Down syndrome was “Yes, absolutely.”According to a report in the St. Catharines Right to Life newsletter, he said that in a perfect world, there would be no abortion, but that he does it for the woman who asks for it, and because society condones it. He admitted that he has seen women who had their uterus perforated by abortion, and that women have died as a result of abortion.
It is often said in the media and by abortion advocates that late abortions (after 20 weeks gestation) are rare and difficult to obtain, yet Dr. Fellows admitted that he will perform abortions until 23weeks and six days.